Gold Samsung Z in works

Gold Samsung Z in works

Aside from the “regular” colored Samsung Z models, the Korean company is also working on the gold-colored version. Brought to our attention by the good folks of TizenExperts, this unit looks rather sexy in gold and could thus help Sammy move more units.

That said, we’re still waiting to see any Z variant hitting the market. For one reason or another, Koreans have yet again delayed the launch of their very first Tizen-powered smartphone.

For those who missed it, the Z has all the right features to deliver a solid user experience. Alas, it’s not running Android or any other mainstream platform, but Tizen which has yet to attract developer interest. And as we know, it’s not an easy task to do that [attract developers].

On the other hand, Samsung is riding high these days, having held the world’s biggest phone maker title for quite some time. It does have the scale to get developers to at least consider porting their apps to Tizen. Whether that’s sustainable is whole different story.

Initial markets for Tizen smartphones include fast(er) growing markets such as Russia, India, parts of Asia and Latin America. If that experiments proves viable, we’re certain Sammy will be quick to bring the Z to other places. Meanwhile, we’re eager to know – would you even consider getting a Tizen-powered smartphone?

[Via: SamMobile]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Who wants a Tizen phone? I don’t…

  • Bob

    Yes I would.

  • Mitchem

    does colour makes a phone more attractive and selling increase?i will paint mine then…lol

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