Is this the upcoming HTC Android Wear smart watch?

HTC Android Wear smart watch

It could be, but the watch definitely won’t have that custom screen, since Google won’t allow its OEM partners to tweak the software. They [OEM partners] will be able to use custom wallpapers but that’s something completely different.

We do like the metal look and feel of this watch that reminds us on HTC’s flagship smartphone, HTC One M8. So we gotta wonder – is this device going to be known as HTC One Watch?

I think that’s the perfect name for a smart watch made by the Taiwanese company. And it also implies users are best off pairing it with the HTC One.

That metal band could easily be replaced with the one made out of leather… or so we hope.

So how you like the HTC One Watch? 🙂

[Via: evleaks]

  • Why did @evleaks doctor the photo and add the fake OS screens? “Leaks”, by dedinition , would be true, not made up, right? So, why does everyone report this @evleaks cut/paste stuff as ” leaks”. The only “leaks” @evleaks has had this year, are the ones he took at the homeless shelter after being blacklisted from pharmacies in PA for shopping Narcotic Painkillers. Not that I have anything against him. I presume the kid is sick, but why do sites like this print every little detail he fabricates and slaps his name on? Bad journalism, ignorance, or sycophants… What @evleaks category do you fit nto?

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