Xiaomi Mi4 won’t have a stainless steel body, but will have the “feel of apple”

Xiaomi Mi4

Meh, the Xiaomi Mi4 — which should be announced tomorrow — won’t have a stainless steel body after all. The news comes right from the horse’s mouth, the company’s co-founder Liwan Jiang who turned to Chinese social network to effectively lower our expectations.

That said, we’re really not sure why in the world did Xiaomi used the brushed steel background to tease its next flagship. Go figure.

In the other Xiaomi news, the company said that their next flagship will have the feel of an “apple” and characteristics of a “tea.” Note that the “apple” doesn’t necessarily mean the iPhone maker and could also suggest that the device will have the Apple skin finish similar to the OnePlus’s Baby Skin has. As for the “tea part,” this could tell us something about being refined and smooth.

While that’s all nice, we still can’t help but crave for an all-metal body a la HTC One. Not sure why Xiaomi hasn’t took this path.

Anyway, we still wait to see the rock-solid device being announced on Tuesday; the Mi4 will boast top notch specs that will likely include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 quad-core chip, 3GB of RAM, 13+ megapixel camera on the back (hopefully with Optical Image Stabilization), at least 16GB of internal storage, 4G LTE connectivity support, and so on and on…

[Via: GizChina]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    It’s kinda sad the Mi3 won’t have the HTC One-like aluminum body. 🙁

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