Is this the fanciest external battery case for iPhone or what?

Cabin iPhone case

iPhone users have the benefit of choosing between few different battery cases, most of which look rather similar. Cabin is different and it looks like something that was designed in Cupertino rather than some other place. Said device is the slim aluminum portable battery for iPhone that attaches magnetically for an “unobtrusive and simple recharging experience.” This fancy charger can also come with an embedded 2,220 mAh battery, which should extend iPhone’s battery life by about 130%.

Back to those magnets. What guys behind Cabin managed to do is to create a device that it charged like your MacBook, relying on magnets to keep the “flow of energy.” Alas, they use their own technology called MagAdapter, which is different than Apple’s proprietary MagSafe. You’ll still get the familiar charging experience, though.

We love it, and can only hope that Cabin will also be released for the upcoming iPhone 6. In the meantime, you can get one of these from Kickstarter. There are few options to choose from, starting from $59 though that cash won’t get you the external battery. The package that includes the external battery is going for $99. The shipping date is set for November.

The project has already managed to surpass its funding goal of $50,000. As I’m writing this, Cabin pre-orders have crossed the $120,000 mark and there’s still more than a month to go. Check it out.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Love this whole setup. Wish something like this was available for some Android phones, as well.

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