Windows Phone and Windows getting closer to shared kernel (called OneCore)

Windows Phone and Windows getting closer

I’ve been saying it before and I’ll say it again – Microsoft should have only one Windows that works across devices and form factors. That Windows One, or however it ends up being known, will be the holy grail of mobile computing, allowing us to finally have one device we could use both while on the go and at home. The only other company that’s close to this “dream of true convergence” is Canonical, which Ubuntu Touch platform should be out in October.

Back to Microsoft; it is said that the Redmond giant is working on the OneCore kernel that would work both on Windows Phone and Windows, enabling developers to make apps that run on phones, tablets, computers and even Xbox. No one’s mentioning Windows RT any more, which I find pretty cool. I never realized why a special tablet platform was needed, anyway.

What we also need are even faster chips that we have today. As a Windows user I can’t help but notice how my computer is getting slower after every Nth update. Not every small tweak ruins the experience, but after 5-10 consecutive updates – the system gets slower. And it keeps repeating on and on, until I’m pretty much forced to re-install Windows.

The situations is different with Windows Phone, though. It’s fast and responsive, and even on lower-end hardware, it performs great. In comparison, an Android-powered Nokia Lumia 520 (for instance) would quickly turn into a nightmare phone.

Anyhow, I *really* can’t wait for this, almost mythical Windows One and I hope to see it officially announced at next year’s CES in Las Vegas. Or even before… but I doubt that will happen this year.

[Via: PhoneArena]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    This is the way forward. We all want to have one Windows machine – and that’s a smartphone. 🙂

  • Morten

    Errr the kernel has been shared since 8.0

    • I think that was the PLAN for 8.0, but I don’t think it happened in time – which is why we are only just now starting to see universal apps. I remember lots of press BEFORE the release of Windows Phone talking about the shared Kernel, but Microsoft clammed up on that when it released and hasn’t said much until 8.1.

      Regardless, if I can someday use my Windows Phone the same way as the crowd-sourced “Tango” PC is promoting itself, I will be beyond happy.

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