Hulu Now Lets You Watch Shows on Your Android Device Without a Hulu Plus Subscription

Hulu’s Android app was updated today, giving Hulu users who don’t have a Hulu Plus subscription the ability to view their favorite Hulu shows on the go. While Hulu hasn’t made a whole lot of content available, viewers will be able to catch up on the most recent episodes of their favorite shows as well as Hulu Originals content, anime, kids shows and selected movies. Up until today’s update, users had to have an $8 a month Hulu Plus subscription to use the app on their devices. Better something than nothing, right?

Not bad, but it’d be nice to see a better selection from Hulu. Sure, there are licensing issues and the like, so maybe I’m asking for too much. Does this mean that we’ll be seeing more content becoming available to regular ol’ Hulu users in the near future? Lets hope so.

Don’t have Hulu installed on your smartphone? Head here to grab it.


  • davidwal

    This is great news I use to watch Hulu a couple of years ago. I watch a lot of anime and show I would miss from work on it. I just hated when they stop letting shows be run the next day instead of longer. That was when I stopped watching TV as a whole. I still have satellite but mostly watch youtube now.

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