Sony Xperia Z3 Compact caught in the wild; Could be the best pocketable device, ever

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Sony is gearing towards launching the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact, as we’ve reported before. We’ve already heard what the “regular” Z3 will be all about, and now we have few additional details to share about its Compact sibling.

If the leaked photos (and information that “go with them”) are to be believed, Sony’s next Compact device will continue the company’s tradition and be the best pocketable phone money could buy. Rumors suggest that this unit will boast Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip that is coupled with full 3GB of RAM; the screen will apparently have a diagonal of 4.6 inches, while being able to render graphics at full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels) resolution. In other words, this will be a real flagship device in a sub-5-inch screen space. As for the camera, we expect Sony’s familiar 20.7-megapixel sensor, and some not as fancy camera on the front.

So – yes, if you’re looking for a “Mini” phone, this should be the one to buy. However, we must add that this was the case with the Xperia Z1 Compact, as well — it too was the best phone in its class — but it didn’t sell that well. Samsung managed to move many more Galaxy Minis, which leads us to conclusion that Sony should up its marketing game if it wants to compete with world’s leading handset makers. They should be able to do that, but we don’t see them pushing that hard…

[Via: G4Games]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Not just the best Mini phone. This is one of the best phones you could buy!

  • Noel

    Yes it will be one of the best mini phones with great specs…but Sony fails when it comes to sales or making these devices readily available in various markets and multiple carriers. Sony has greatly improved the screen to bezel ratio on these devices, but they still need to go further.

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