Upcoming Samsung Gear S to rock a rounded screen?

Samsung Gear S

Samsung just “can’t get enough” of everything. The Korean handset makers has filed a couple of patents which reveal parts of their plans in the wearables space.

First we’ve got to learn about Samsung’s trademark for the “Gear S” name, which we think will be used for the company’s premium line of smart watches. The logic is simple – Galaxy S is used to name premium smartphones, Tab S marks premium tablets, and Gear S… you see where this goes, right?

In another patent — actually few patents — we see Samsung’s design of a smart watch with rounded screen that can’t help but remind us on the Moto 360. This filing also shows a camera on the bracelet that will be able to take photos and power-up some sort of gesture recognition system. It’s unclear how this technology will work, though.

Now we’re not sure when Samsung will officially announce the Gear S smart watch, and whether this device will rely on the company’s own Tizen platform or Google’s Android Wear. We do, however, think it will have a rounded screen to look different from smart watches offered by the Korean company.

The IFA is coming in September so they may use that time to launch the new watch; or perhaps they wait for the next year and show us “what they got” during CES in Las Vegas, or MWC in Barcelona.

Samsung currently offers few smart watches — including the original Galaxy Gear, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo — as well as a smart band called Gear Fit.

[Via: SammyHub, MobileGeeks]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Looks like a great watch. 🙂

  • Noel

    I know no one has claim on shapes…but i bet in a matter of time Sammy will have smart watches in all the different shapes offered by their rivals.

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