Violet and red LG G3 coming in August

Violet and red LG G3 coming in August

When LG announced the G3, it said that the phone will be available in five different colors. However, as we all know it, the device is only available in three different colors, including Metallic Black, Silk White and Shine Gold. The two additional colors, Moon Violet and Burgundy Red, should be out in August.

When exactly, you may wonder? We’ve no idea. Moreover, we’re not sure whether both versions will be available all around the world. Perhaps Verizon goes for the Red G3 while Sprint grabs the Violet model, since it used to offer such-colored phones in the past (like Samsung Galaxy S III). Or perhaps, none of these two ends up selling in North America.

In LG’s own words:

Additional G3 colors such as Moon Violet and Burgundy Red will be rolled out in select markets starting in August and continuing over several weeks. Exact colors and dates will be decided locally in conjunction with carriers. Announcements will be made in each market at the time of availability.

In any case, this is just the color play, and we’re talking about the same G3 under the hood. We would love to get the improved model with Snapdragon 805 chip rather than Snapdragon 801, but I’m not sure LG will do that. You see, Snapdragon 805 also brings the improved LTE modem that costs extra money, while delivering faster download speeds (up to 225Mbps). Alas, not all LTE networks support this sort of connectivity.

We’ll make sure to keep up with all the news coming from LG and let you know as soon as we hear something worth talking about. Stay tuned in the meantime, k?

[Via: PhoneArena]

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