Flappy Bird is back! But there’s a catch…

Everyone’s favorite addictive mobile game Flappy Bird is back! But before you go getting too excited, let me drop this on you: it’s only available for the Amazon Fire TV. Umm, yeah. Boo.

Flappy Birds Family is still the Flappy Bird we all have grown to love, but with a few upgrades. The game now has different colored birds and the addition of ghost baddies to avoid. As Flappy Bird’s creator Dong Nguyen promised, there’s even a two-player mode in the new build.

While this is certainly good news for Amazon, this is really going to piss a ton of iOS and Android users off. Dong promised Flappy Bird’s revival months ago, and it’s cool to see him make good on that promise. But why just for the Fire TV? How much money did Jeff Bezos shove in his Dong’s hands? Hopefully, Flappy Bird’s exclusivity to the Fire TV streaming device won’t be for long.

So get to flapping, Fire Phone owners. The rest of us will just have to wait it out. Or you could install the original Flappy Bird on your Android device by following our guide here.





  • Nikki Tuscanulo

    The majestic Flappy Bird is back .. on Amazon Fire, exclusively for now.
    I like Amazon.
    Dong now has 7 people to help, so it’s understandable that the boys need to eat, too.
    Hope that he’ll release the game worldwide on Apple and Android free apps stores as it was.

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