Report: LG G3 Stylus to be Budget Smartphone, Launch in Q3 2014

Yesterday, LG unintentionally gave us a glimpse of the LG G3 Stylus, a G3 phablet with a stylus, essentially. All we got were pictures of the G3 Stylus, so we were left to postulate on what exactly could be inside LG’s phablet. Some of us assumed that the G3 Stylus would at least have the guts of the G3, but according to a new report from The Korea Times, the G3 Stylus may not be touting such awesome specs after all.

Here’s what Korea Times’ source had to say:

“The Stylus will be the pen-pushing model with a screen size of about 5.5 inches. Overall specifications will be slightly downgraded compared with the G3, with a different battery size and screen resolution.”

So there you have it, the G3 Stylus is going to be a budget device that should launch in the third quarter of this year. What the device will look like by the time it hits store shelves is anyone’s guess. But seems to me LG would ditch the G3’s QuadHD display if the company is trying to cut costs. Boo.


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