HTC’s Nexus Tablet gets regulatory approval in South Korea

HTC's Nexus Tablet gets regulatory approval in South Korea

Yesterday it was a rumor and now it’s almost confirmed. HTC will make one of the next Nexus tablets.

The earlier leaked HTC Volantis has cleared the regulatory barriers in South Korea and is now officially ready to be sold in the Samsung land. Korean RRA (Radio Research Agency) gave the tablet its seal of approval, but that doesn’t mean it’s launching tomorrow — it’s up to Google to decide when this device will go on sale.

While we don’t have that information, we do know this will be one of the best tablets money could buy. Unlike earlier Nexus products that were affordable first, great second – this model will be great first, and perhaps even not that affordable.

From what we know, the Volantis aka Flounder will be a premium product, boasting an aluminum body like the HTC’s flagship phones. That fact alone will make it a direct competitor to the Apple iPad, which still tops the best-selling tablet charts.

Moreover, this unit will pack a top-notch hardware too, pretty much making it the Android L poster child (at least among the tablets). And yes, we can’t wait to try one the second it’s out; and we’re hoping to see some cool accessories launching alongside the tablet itself… In the meantime, we’re eager to hear what do you think about the HTC Volantis and whether you too would be willing to buy one of these when they hit the market?

[Via: G4Games]

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