Moto X+1 launching on September 25?

Moto X Verizon

The long-time rumored Moto X+1 may finally launch on September 25, according to Droid-Life. Said website claims its own sources are saying that Verizon is expecting the new Moto X by that date. It’s not clear whether at that time the device will also be available on other operators; or they may get it even earlier.

From what we’ve heard, the Moto X+1 will (obviously) be a successor to the Moto X smartphone, boasting a slightly bigger (and better) screen, faster processor, better camera and equally attractive price point that should make it popular among many users. We would hope it too would be available with some kind of online customizer which would allow users to create their own unique smartphone.

Moto X+1 aside, we also can’t wait to try out the Moto 360 smart watch that will be the first such device (running Android Wear) with a circular display.

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