Polish Couple Plummets to Death While Snapping a Selfie, Children Look On

Well folks, it’s officially the future. Drones are dropping bombs, a fish is playing Pokemon and selfie deaths are increasing at a startling rate.

A Polish couple plummeted to their death while visiting Cabo da Roca in Portugal. While authorities aren’t exactly how the tragic event happened, but they think it involved an unstable cliff and a selfie. The couples’ two children were witness to the event.

The couple’s children are currently in the hands of Polish diplomats and are currently undergoing psychological help and trauma counseling. The bodies of the couple were recovered late Sunday.

The incident adds to the list of recent deadly selfies which includes a Mexico City man who accidentally shot himself in the head while trying to capture a killer shot, and an Italian teenager who fell from a rocky cliffside and perished on the unforgiving rocks below.

There’s no doubt that selfies are here to stay. Just be careful when taking them, that sweet selfie could just kill you.


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