Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be the Note 4 with three-sided Yoam screen?

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

We’ve been told that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could be available in two different versions, one with a regular screen and the other with three-sided Yoam display. The latter could also have a different name to emphasize the extra coolness this sort of a display adds to the mix. Perhaps this unit ends up being known as Galaxy Note Edge?

We’re speculating at the moment but it’s indicative that the Korean company has recently filed a trademark for that name. The “Edge” part could suggest this device is different than the plain-vanilla Note 4, or so we think.

It is said that the extra screen estate on the edges could be used to replace some of the physical buttons like volume keys, to show notifications and to enable other functionalities. Moreover, we would assume that once the first Yoam screen-equipped device is out, Samsung will launch an accompanying SDK to allow third parties to take advantage of this extra screen estate. And God know what smart companies could do with it. Can’t wait to see…

In the meantime, we’re eager to know how do you like the Galaxy Note Edge name?

[Via:, SamMobile]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    This Yoam screen sounds exciting. 🙂

  • deepak

    I use note 3..eagrly awaiting for note 4..but if samsung can deriver on 3 sided yoam display with strong processor n almoed display i will wait for that.

  • Dee Lynch

    That’s basically what I’m waiting for, the Note with the three sides screen! Samsung will definitely push the innovation mark if they deliver with that. can’t wait to see this monster when it’s out, impatiently waiting!!

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