Samsung’s Anti-Apple ‘Wallhuggers’ Ad Campaign Strikes Another Blow

Remember Samsung’s ‘wallhuggers’ video a little while back? It’s ok if you don’t. Basically, it involves Samsung touting the Galaxy S5’s battery life, calling iPhone users ‘wallhuggers’ because they’re always needing to charge their phones. But Samsung has decided to keep hammering at Apple with its ‘wallhugger’ meme, and has stepped up their game substantially. How you may ask?¬†Well, best you see for yourself.

Picture1 Picture2 Picture4 Picture5 Picture6

Yup, Samsung is throwing up these bad boys on power outlets across airports around the U.S. including JFK, Chicago O’Hare and Chicago Midway. Pretty clever move, Samsung. Now let’s see if it pays off.

  • NFSHesham

    Don’t throw others with stones while your house is made of glass samsung , you too have shitty battery life like S3 S4 Alpha and EVERY MID-RANGE AND LOW END SAMSUNG have a small battery with terrible battery life . I Bet there must be at least 20 S3 / S4 owners have plugged their phones in these plugs in a couple of hours

  • elemuel

    its funny how hard they try to made fun apple when they made they phone look like iphones! and the power save is made your phone look like a 1901 tv black and white

    • It’s even funnier how much intellectual property was stolen from other companies by Apple. Even the graphical user interface came from Xerox PARC, but Apple is fine with keeping the sheeple misinformed as to who the innovations should be credited; typically unethical behaviour as promoted by Steve Jobs. For a company that does not have the majority of market-share, being the biggest market-cap stock in North America just shows how badly they gouge consumers and how poor of a value their products are.

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