Samsung’s VR headset to be a mobile gamer’s dream device?

Samsung VR headset

Yup, we’ve told you that Samsung is working on a VR headset and has apparently teamed-up with Oculus to make this happen. And here you can see how that product, dubbed Gear VR, will look like.

From what I can tell, this device will primarily find its customers among the gamers many of whom can’t wait to fully immerse themselves in modern 3D shooters. The experience will rely on a wireless gamepad and head movements, allowing users to shoot and (better) see what’s going on around them.

To cut costs (and increase margins) the Gear VR will rely on the built-in sensors and screen of a smartphone or phablet that will be placed inside the device. The Galaxy Note 4 should be unveiled at the same time so we presume it will be the device that works best with the Gear VR; though the Galaxy S5 should “get the job done” just as well.

Hardware aside, we tend to think that it will be more interesting to see what will developers do with this device. From what we’ve understood, the Korean company will launch an accompanying SDK to allow third parties to create apps and games that take advantage of Gear VR. Heck, we’re sure they’re pitching the major game studios as we speak.

We expect to see few cool examples of games and apps when Samsung officially announces the Gear VR. That, in case you wonder, will happen at the September 3rd event which will be held both in New York and at the IFA trade show in Berlin.

Samsung VR headset

[Via: TheVerge]

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