Rumor: iPhone 6 Will Sport Only 1GB of RAM

Here’s another iPhone 6 rumor for you folks, and its a bummer of a tale. According to a schematic from Weibo GeekBar, Apple’s iPhone 6 will include a paltry 1GB or RAM. In an age where flagship smartphones rock 2 or even 3GB of RAM, this rumor comes as quite a shock.

Before you go getting too huffy, the leak doesn’t specify whether the 1GB or RAM applies to both iPhone 6 models or just the lower-end one. Apple is expected to release two iPhone 6 models, one with a 4.7-inch screen and one with a 5.5-inch screen. 1GB in the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 isn’t such a shock, but if that’s all Apple is packing into both models…well, then we have a problem.

On the flipside, Apple’s specialty is software, releasing iOS builds only when everything is perfect. OK, that’s not always the case, but what I’m trying to covey here is that even with 1GB of RAM, Apple is going to make sure that the iPhone 6 runs iOS 8 without any hiccups. Nobody buys Apple products for specs alone – it’s the software that sells the Cupertino company’s stylish hardware. The argument could also be made that Android hogs more resources, which requires more RAM to keep the OS snappy, while iOS is more streamlined to use less power. That may have been the case with older builds of Android, but after using Android 4.4 KitKat on the Moto G and other low-end devices with 512MB of RAM, I’d argue Android isn’t as big of a resource hog as Apple fans paint it to be. But anyhoo…

Much is still unknown about the iPhone 6 models, but it won’t be long now until we know everything. Apple is expected to announce the two iPhone models in early September.

What do you think? Would 1GB or RAM in the iPhone 6 be a deal breaker for you?



  • Scotty Moon

    I don’t really see it as an issue. You’re comparing the iPhone to the latest crop of android phones. My lumia runs fine with 512mb of ram, my 5s runs fine with 1GB of RAM. My Nexus 5 runs great with 2GB of RAM. Which provides the best overall experience (IMO)? The iPhone 5s. I measure it by actual usage: fluidity, apps, camera and battery life.

    All platforms do not utilize system resources in the same way, so worrying over a spec without trying the device first doesn’t seem very logical.

    • Daniel A Damico

      Did you try nexus 5 with ART enabled? Are you able to customize the 5s with widgets, split the screen or run multiple apps at the same time as you can with some Android AOSP based roms or Xposed framework? My friend, Android has a lot, really a lot of more tools / flexibility / customization possibilities than IOS or WP… That’s why it uses more system resources as well…
      Sorry about that but while Apple is still worried about locking the user as much as they can, they will continue to build hardwares with such specifications …. There’s no need to put more than 1gb in a device that’s not able to deal with real multitasking / widgets / customization…. By the way? How do you listen to MP3 musics without a computer or having to buy it on ITunes?

      • Scotty Moon

        Hey Daniel,

        Yes, I have Android-L on my development device (I’m an Android developer) and ART is the only option. Also Google has focused on battery life in the new version of Android as well but I keep going back to iOS mostly for the camera and even better battery life. Hopefully, as Android-L comes out of beta, the battery life will improve all the more. That being said, I frequently switch between all my phones since I like to play with all the different mobile platforms (they all have redeeming qualities, IMO).

        Widgets are fine. I don’t really use them, but I know a lot of people do. I’ve tried a few ROMs in the past before I had a nexus device, but I couldn’t help but feel like a constant beta tester (not quite stable, inconsistencies and lack of polish). I know the latest Cyanogen is pretty nice, but I still prefer the Stock Android experience direct from Google.

        Since I play in multiple sandboxes, I have a tendency to keep all my information in “the cloud” including my music. I use a music subscription so I don’t really have an opinion about mp3 playback or management. I’ve lost quite a bit of mp3s in the past with hard drive failures or carelessness on my part (lack of backups), so I finally decided the subscription model was for me. Plus it allows me to explore music I would not normally listen to.

        When I DO buy music, movies or books, I try to stick to online services that work on all three major mobile platforms. However, I break that rule with movies. I buy those from Google Play since I have access to them on iOS, Android, Android TV, Chromecast or via Youtube.

        That’s probably more than you wanted to know or care about, but I figured I’d let you know where I’m coming from (even though we’re WAY off topic).


  • tom

    i have iphone 5, note 2 and currently owned iphone 5s , xperia z2; the reason i bought the iphone is b/c my gf is used to it. whoever said that ram didnt matter better stfu. the iphones kept on freezing whenever i open multiple apps where as there isnt an issue with other phones.

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