Xiaomi unveils MIUI V6 but you can’t download it yet

Xiaomi MIUI V6

Xiaomi has unveiled the latest version of its MIUI platform that looks better than ever, sporting the ever-trendy flat interface. In fact, the company says MIUI version 6 is all about the (new) look that feels more modern and somewhat reminiscent of Android KitKat and iOS 7. The platform is also faster, and according to Xiaomi – easier to use.

However, the new design is just one piece of the puzzle. MIUI V6 also comes with a new notifications engine. New messages, downloads and calls are all given a larger black notification bar at the top of the screen. But this doesn’t mean that a new message will prevent you from current action; for instance, if someone is calling you while you’re in the midst of taking a photo, only a small portion of the screen will be taken up to tell you who is calling, allowing you to complete the action (take a photo) and answer the call right after. The lock screen also has a new shortcut that shows a single-digit number of incoming notifications.

The phone app got an automatic caller identification for users who are not in your phonebook. MIUI will connect to Xiaomi servers to see if that number is registered as a business or not. This feature, however, is only limited to China, where users will be able to “uncover” some 60 million phone numbers. The same service will also help you prevent fraudsters from ever reaching you.

MIUI V6 also has few new apps like MIUI Life that allows you to locate interesting places in your vicinity as well as the Yellow Pages app, which we assume – is also limited to China. Furthermore, some of the default apps have been redesigned to match the platform’s new look and feel.

Finally, Xiaomi also unveiled additional themes, and at the time I’m writing this – users can choose between more than 5,000 different themes.

Unfortunately, the new version of MIUI is still not available for download; we would guess there are still few glitches here and there to fix before making it available to the general public. In the meantime, we want to hear what do you think about the MIUI V6?

[Via: GizChina]

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    Looks very much like the iOS…

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