LG G Watch 2 already in works; It will be LG’s answer to iWatch?

LG G Watch

Forget the current LG G Watch; the Korean company is already working on its successor, which according to the Korean Times will be made to compete with Apple’s upcoming iWatch.

Citing an LG official, the publication says that the G Watch 2 is going to be a “serious game changer”; we don’t get to learn whether it will rock a circular display, though. Chances are LG will want to make a premium product if it wants to stand a chance competing with the iWatch.

From what we know, Apple has been hiring fashion experts left and right as it’s trying to come up with a product everyone, not just geeks would want to buy.

The Korean Times is, naturally, scarce on details. We do get to learn that LG’s next smart watch will keep using Qualcomm’s chip rather than LG’s own Odin SoC. Allegedly, Odin is still not ready for prime time, despite being in development for quite some time.

Unsurprisingly, LG is working with other companies from the LG Group, including LG Display, LG Inotek and LG Chem; as well as Google, since this unit will also end-up running Android Wear.

What is new though, is that Koreans have started talking with “top watch makers”. The report claims that the company has been “approached by a lot of authoritative watchmakers for strategic collaboration.” This group of companies needs LG’s technology to make their products smarter, while LG needs them to make its watch cooler. It remains to be seen what could this co-operation, presuming it ever happens, produces.

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