Now that Apple went to bed with IBM, HP wants a similar deal with Google

HP Nexus

You’ve heard that IBM and Apple has struck a partnership under which the Big Blue will offer Apple’s iPhones and iPads to its clients that more often than not include enterprises and various government bodies.

HP, apparently, wanted something similar with Google, but the search giant wasn’t that interested in the deal. According to The Information report, HP was looking to bring a Google Now-like service to its enterprise customers, allowing them to rely on voice input to search stuff around their Intranets. Moreover, HP was also exploring an idea to make some kind of a business-oriented Nexus device that would come with high-end security enterprise customers require.

Alas, that deal led nowhere, and going forward – HP will have to team-up with some handset (rather than platform) maker to be able to counter the IBM-Apple partnership. I used to argue they are best off going with BlackBerry, but it seems they are more eager for an “Android kind of partner.”

The newly announced Android L release will bring advanced security features based on Samsung’s KNOX technology, but it won’t be limited to HP; Google’s entire eco-system will get to benefit from this, with the Korean company most likely leading the way…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Google doesn’t want any exclusivity. It wants to offer “business Android” to everyone… That’s their strength.

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