Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the company’s first device with all-metal body?

Samsung Galaxy S6 concept

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will most certainly keep the all-plastic body; the first all-metal Samsung device will likely be the Galaxy S6, which will be unveiled during 2015. But…

According to the G4Games report, even next year the Korean company may not be able to fully commit to the whole metal phone trend. The problem, apparently, is in the supply chain which is currently serving Apple with the majority of its capacity.

Samsung will obviously ask its suppliers to up their game but it could take time while they don’t expand the capacity to take such big client as Samsung.

Meanwhile, other handset makers may also be thinking this way and start offering metal-clad devices. This, naturally, will push the prices north and eventually affect how much users end up paying for their phones.

One of the vendors mulling to join the “metal ride” is Xiaomi and, boy, are we looking forward to see what these guys can come up with. The Mi5, which we assume will be launched next year, could be one of the best phones money can buy (since that’s already the case with the newly announced Mi4). We’re just hoping that by that time Xiaomi’s gear will be available in the West.

Or… you can always go for an HTC if you fancy so. 😉

  • PeterSteinbeck

    It’s about time that Samsung launches a metal phone.

    • Robert Rieter

      The first thing I, and most people, do is put a case on their phone. I’ll take my plastic note 3 over any metal phone. I agree that touchwiz sucks, so nova launcher goes on right after the case. Also, I love the home button! Guess I’m the only one.

  • King of Disqus [26k/99k]

    They need to lose the home button and go full screen.

    • Ruchir Mehta

      True that. All their devices look the same. Also need to tone down Touchwiz. It is hideous,

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