Do you need an all-you-can-download app service like Sprint’s App Pass?

Sprint App Pass

You may’ve heard that Sprint is preparing to launch the App Pass service that offers unlimited access (downloads) to apps and games from its catalog for $5 per month. What’s more, the service also includes a free $5 credit each month to spend on in-app purchases. While that’s all cool, we kinda wonder whether we really need something like this?

How many apps do you really use?

That, the way I see things, is the crucial question to answer. If you’re like most users, you rely on 5-10 apps max. Other titles simply sit idle on your phone, and are seldom, if ever used. Perhaps you do have some travel-based apps that you rely on during your trips, but on a daily basis – chances are you use some news, task management, note taking and document editing apps exclusively. Perhaps some shopping list is also there, and that’s about it. Like many of us, you download apps from time to time only to find yourself never using them.

Great for children

This is where I see App Pass could really fly. Give your children a phone or tablet along with the App Pass subscription, and let him/her experiment with them. Kids have all the time in the world to discover new things and with the App Pass service they won’t be asking you for money for apps and games all the time. So ask yourself, is $60 a year worth it? I think it is.

The best part of the App Pass is that it works on two devices, so if your child stumbles on a great app, you can always install it on your own phone or tablet.

So is App Pass worth the money?

The answer is yes. But… that’s not the point. If you don’t want to give it to your child (or don’t have one), you should ask yourself another question – is it worth your time? And do you have enough time to all of the apps you plan to download? Cause App Pass could easily turn into a magazine subscription where you never get to find the time to actually read that magazine. Something worth considering if you’re looking into getting the App Pass. It comes with a free 14-day trial, so you can try out first and only later decide whether it provides the service you’re willing to pay for.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Who has time to check all of those apps?

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