Lenovo Smartband to be unveiled at IFA in Berlin?

Lenovo booth

Lenovo is apparently looking to enter the fitness wearables market early next month and unveil its Smartband from the floor of IFA in Berlin. From what we’ve understood, this will be a smart band (rather than smart watch) that works like Fitbit, tracking users’ fitness activities and sleep patterns throughout the day (and night). Moreover, rumors suggest Lenovo’s device will also integrate optical heart rate monitor to make for a that much better tracking of one’s well-being.

An accompanying app will likely be launched alongside the Smartband to allow syncing with smartphones and tablets. And if Lenovo is really smart, they’ll make sure their fitness band also sings along popular fitness tracking apps like RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, Runtastic, Endomondo and so on.

Beyond wrist bands, the company is also exploring the smart glass market, having recently signed a deal to exclusively offer Vuzix’s product in China.

[Via: mHealth Spot]

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