Samsung Gear Circle are probably the world’s sexiest earphones

Samsung Gear Circle

Samsung unveiled what I personally think are the world’s sexiest headphones. Dubbed Gear Circle, this Bluetooth-enabled device comes with a vibration motor that will inform you about incoming calls and other notifications like text messages. All of the basic features come included as well, allowing users to listen to the music, make and take phone calls, as well as to make voice commands.

The best part? The Gear Circe can transform into a necklace so you can wear it around the neck without looking like a geek. Actually, you’ll still be considered a geek by those “in the know” but as far as the majority of folks are concerned, you’re wearing a good ol’ “dumb” necklace that can’t do a thing.

When it comes to supported codecs, this thing can sing along SBC, apt-X, Samsung HD and SoundAlive, among others.

Want one? I bet you do, but unfortunately the Gear Circle won’t be out before October. And even then we’re not sure everyone will be able to afford one. Although Sammy failed to say a thing about the price, it’s obvious this won’t be a cheap product, quite the contrary.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Sexy it is. 🙂

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