AirStand is probably the sexiest tablet stand, ever

AirStand tablet stand

So, you’re looking for a stand for your tablet? Look no further – the AirStand is the product you’ve been waiting for. It’s a sexy piece of high grade CNC machined aluminum that doesn’t stand on your way.

The stand incorporates a minimal design with two high quality friction hinges that are infinitely adjustable (180° degree) so you are able to achieve the most precise angle adjustment every time. Think: the built-in Surface Pro 3 stand, that’s the kind of angle adjustment you get with AirStand.

It’s also pretty tough, and according to the project author it will easily withstand touch-typing. Plus, AirStand is invisible from the front to make for the “floating on air” look and feel.

“I wanted a stand for my tablet that would be with me at all times, adjust to angle I wanted with ease at anytime and also have the flexibility to move with me when I either change tablets or update to the latest iPad, oh and it had to be as minimalistic as possible!,” said Nik Conomos, the AirStand creator.

If you like how this sounds, you can secure your unit today. Alas, you won’t get it before January 2014; AirStand is pre-selling in a Kickstarter campaign looking to raise AU$30,000. A single unit goes for AU$55 (about $52 USD). Check it out.

  • slfisher

    so does it offer wireless inductive charging as well? or does it just look pretty?

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