How low can you go? Mozilla unveils a $33 smartphone in India!

Intex Cloud FX

The other day we’ve told you about the $38 Firefox OS phone called Spice Fire One Mi – FX 1. That, apparently, won’t be the cheapest device running Mozilla’s mobile platform; the maker of the Firefox web browser has announced an even more affordable model, the $33 Intex Cloud FX.

Specs of this baby include a 1GHz Spreadtrum 6821 processor that is coupled with just 128MB of RAM and meager 46MB of storage, expandable with microSD cards. Nevertheless, users will be able to choose between thousands of HTML-based apps and games, to expand the capability of the Cloud FX.

The majority of mobile users in India are still using feature phones; with phones like this — and Spice Fire One Mi – FX 1, for that matter — Mozilla and its partners are hoping to get them to switch boats, and finally get into the “smartphone world.”

The problem, however, is that few additional dollars buys an Android device that has a much bigger app eco-system. In that sense, and with the falling component prices, it’s hard to imagine bright future for Firefox OS. Unless something incredible happens with the platform, that is.

In any case, we’re totally digging modern mobile technologies. Smartphones used to be something only the wealthy could buy, and now just about anyone can afford one. Lovely. 😉

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