Moto X Pure Edition – that’s how unlocked Moto X will be called

Moto X Maker

The new Moto X — which we used to know as Moto X+1 — will be available both with a carrier contract and in its unlocked, SIM free form. The latter version, according to TheVerge, will be known as Moto X Pure Edition, which obviously makes us wonder – what does that make the carrier models? Unpure? Dirty?

Sure enough, carrier-branded Moto X won’t get updates as fast as its unlocked counterpart does, but all of the features will be the same. Or so we think.

Perhaps Moto knows something we don’t. Perhaps their carrier partners require some sort of bloatware installed on their devices, so they want to distinguish between multiple versions. We don’t have any inside information and your guess is good as ours.

That being said I must add that we like our devices unlocked and hate to wait for carrier update approval process. Given the choice, we’ll take unlocked phones; but then again, most users don’t mind these contracts as they make phones more affordable.

In any case, it’s good that we’ll have choice, even if it’s between “Pure” and “Unpure” devices. 😉

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