Sprint Revamps Pre-Paid Plans; $55 Monthly for Unlimited Text, Voice and 6GB of Data

Sprint is putting the heat on T-Mobile and other carriers by re-configuring the company’s prepaid plans. Now Sprint users can grab an unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data plan for just $35 a month. If you’re a data hungry customer, you’ll be able to get 6GB of 4G LTE data plus unlimited talk and text for just $55.

Here’s pricing for Sprint’s pre-paid plans:

$35 – Unlimited Talk, Text and 1GB data
$45 – Unlimited Talk, Text and 3GB data
$55 – Unlimited Talk, Text and 6GB data

Nice move, Sprint. Now if you could just get that coverage problem solved…

Press release follows below.


On the heels of announcing Sprint’s Family Share Pack, The $60 Unlimited Plan and most recently, the new Data Boost plans from Boost Mobile, Sprint is looking again to create true value for customers regardless of how they choose to purchase their wireless service.
Sprint introduced “Sprint As You Go” in 2012 to provide customers in Sprint retail stores the option of a no long-term contract, no-credit check, no commitment solution for customers who want to join/remain under the Sprint brand. Earlier this year, we revamped that offer and launched the Sprint Prepaid brand with no contract monthly plans ranging from $35 to $60 depending [1] service [ Wi-Fi only or unlimited and additional data] and [2] type of device [smartphone or feature], but with limited selection of handsets

Everyone wants data regardless of how they choose to pay for their wireless service, and with the growing popularity of prepaid, Sprint is making it even easier for its retail prepaid customers by giving them even more choices. Mirroring plans like those from Boost and Virgin Mobile, SPP now offers three tiers of monthly plans, giving customers the flexibility to choose the service that best matches their data usage and budget most closely, without a contract:

– $35 – Unlimited Talk, Text and 1GB data
– $45 – Unlimited Talk, Text and 3GB data
– $55 – Unlimited Talk, Text and 6GB data *

*all plans include respective 3G/4G high-speed data allotment applicable to monthly plan. Video streaming may be limited to 3G speeds

These competitive prices and high speed data options operate on the Sprint Nationwide Network without a contract.

The Sprint Prepaid Group, headed up by President Dow Draper, includes Assurance Wireless, Boost Mobile, Sprint Prepaid, Virgin Mobile USA and its sub-brands, Broadband2Go, payLo, and Virgin Mobile Custom. Please let me know if you have any questions and look for more exciting news regarding Sprint Prepaid coming soon.

Thank you.

  • Noel

    Competition always benefits the consumer…so i welcome sprint joining T-mobile in making these disruptive moves. This will in turn put pressure on Tmo to maintain it’s reputation as the leader of the disrupt movement.

  • blindexecutioner

    Too bad you have to use a shit-tier phone. Sprint’s only option if you want a nice phone is $70 per month. Good luck to them.

    (Edit – They may have cheaper plans for iphone users because they seem to favor the iphone. I am not sure)

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