Samsung Gear Live running Windows 95

Windows 95 running on Android Wear

File this under “strange,” but it’s interesting, nonetheless.

Some guy managed to make his Samsung Gear Live run Windows 95. We’ve no idea why would anyone need something like this, but hey – there are folks who like to experiment with things like these.

The magic happens thanks to aDosBox, an Android app that functions as an emulator to allow x86 OS to operate on an ARM-based architecture. The Gear Live’s built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU and 512MB of RAM is more than enough to start apps that were running on PCs almost 20 years ago. The usability isn’t there, but a sort of coolness definitely is.

Yes, you won’t be able to get things done on the watch’s small screen, but you’ll be able to make a point. Or sort of a point. If there is a point.

Anyway, check out the video showing Samsung’s Android Wear smart watch running Microsoft’s Windows 95. And do let us know what do you think about it. 😉

[Via: PhoneArena, SmartWatchAppCenter]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Crazy world. Amazing in a way. Windows 95 on your wrist.

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