Samsung Gear S getting new straps

Samsung Gear S Wrist Watch Straps Colors

Samsung announced new personalization options for its SIM card-equipped smart watch, Gear S. Buyers of this device will be able to differentiate their watch by going for a differently colors strap, choosing between Cobalt Blue, Blue Black, White, Mocha Grey and Supreme Red color options. Moreover, there will be the Bangle Watch Strap, which is wider and thicker than the original strap, making for an even more unique look and feel.

Unfortunately though, Samsung failed to provide us with any details on the pricing of these new straps and we’ll likely have to wait another day or so to get that information.

Aside from these new color options, Samsung has also teamed-up with Swarovski and Diesel over special Gear S variants. Again, we’ve no idea how much these will cost.

I personally like the Gear S and would instantly grab one if it didn’t require a Samsung smartphone. I do understand the Korean giant’s decision to keep its entire user base in its own eco-system but I also think that “freeing-up” Gear S would help the company sell more of them. What do you think?

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