Android: How to make Chrome default browser

Android: How to make Chrome default browser

If I got a penny every time someone asked me this question, I would be rich by now. The process isn’t that easy as it should be. It’s also not that complicated but with so many options to choose from, one gets confused.

Here, we want to show you how to make Chrome default browser on your Android smartphone or tablet.

First, the “system solution”

Chrome is not your default browser because there’s some other browser that is opened by default. You can clear the “default settings” by going to Settings -> Applications and see which app is set as “default” for which action(s).

No matter which custom Android skin you’re using, there’s a way to do this. For instance, in some cases you’ll have to click on “App Associations” link and change “Web URLs” to Chrome. You could also “clear defaults” if there is such option.

Now, fire-up Chrome and you will be prompted to set is as default browser – tap ok/yes, and you’re good to go.

To sum it up:

  • Go to Settings -> Applications
  • Set Chrome as default browser for “Web URLs” under “App Associations” or tap “clear default”
  • Close Chrome (if it’s already open) and start it again
  • When prompted to keep using Chrome as your default browser, tap “Yes” or “Ok.”

Second way – there’s an app for that

An app called Default App Manager can do the same task. It’s easy to use, offering a list of different categories and the current default for each one. From here, you can go beyond selecting the default browser, but also do the same for music and video, files, calendar, camera, ebook reader, email client and so on. There’s also the ability to “clear defaults.”

Default App Manager comes in two flavors, the free and Pro versions, the latter of which doesn’t show ads and includes few additional features. Nevertheless, even the free app will get the job done, so there’s no reason not to try it out.

Or, again, you can take the “system route.” It’s your call.

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