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iMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories

  • Category: Healthcare & Fitness
  • Released date: 10/13/2008
  • Current Version: 3.9.5
  • Seller: MapMyFitness
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 10267322
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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★★★★★ Just read the reviews ★★★★★

Everything you need from couch potato to marathoner.

Automatically sync with your free account on

iMapMyRun makes running fun and easy, turning iPhone into a social training partner while tracking your pace, distance, and route using GPS.

With our 2.5 million users, you'll definitely be able to find your friend and connect and motivate via this app.

"✰✰✰✰✰ - The app has a load of options too... we're surprised that iMapMyRun is a free
app..." -

"✰✰✰✰ - I don't know if it is the log of my workouts or the showing up of my friends but I'm running longer and feeling better. Thanks app!" - Rostiah, iMapMyRun User

Whether you're just trying to get motivated for your first 5K, or training for your 10th marathon, you can rely on iMapMyRun to help you reach your goals.

Plus, with millions of users on the web and mobile, iMapMyRun connects you to a vibrant social fitness community - you'll be surprised to see how many of your friends are already members (using the Friend Search feature via your phone contacts), and how much more fun running becomes with a social approach.

Why iMapMyRun? We are a company dedicated to building a social fitness community around the best mobile fitness apps. We push free upgrades frequently and we listen to our users about what features to build next.


Getting started is simple:

1) Start the app and configure any additional settings (i.e. Auto tweet, voice feedback) if desired

2) Start recording your run within the app

3) Put on your favorite iPod Playlist (or streaming music like Pandora)

4) Put your iPhone in your armband or pocket

5) Start running

6) When you finish, press stop, and decide if you want to Save your results, and/or post to Facebook or Twitter

When you're done, your results (distance, time, splits) are all automatically recorded in app and on the web with your free account at where you can analyze results.


✓ GPS distance tracking

✓ Time, pace, splits

✓ Route mapping

✓ Voice feedback

✓ Heart rate monitoring via Ant+ dongle (see details at - works with your existing Garmin or Timex heart rate monitor)

✓ Multitasking

✓ Live tracking of friends (permission based)

✓ Real-time run sharing via Facebook and Twitter

✓ Historical training log

✓ Run against previously saved or newly searched routes

✓ Manual workout entry to log treadmill runs

✓ Use your iPhone contact list to see which of your friends are already using iMapMyRun (on the web or on mobile), and connect with them

✓ Social activity feed to motivate and inspire friends

If you ever have any problems, we will support you at:

Show us some? If you enjoy our free apps and frequent free updates, give us some love with a nice app store review. And if not, let us know via support, and give us a chance to help you meet your running goals.

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