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MedCalc Pro (medical calculator)

  • Category: Medical
  • Released date: 08/04/2010
  • Current Version: 2.3
  • Seller: Mathias Tschopp
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 9553011
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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MedCalc Pro is a medical calculator that gives you easy access to complicated medical formulas, scores, scales and classifications. Each entry has been individually designed and optimized for the iPhone screen. Running MedCalc Pro on an iPad reveals a user interface attuned to the much larger iPad screen.

The Pro version sports several enhancements focused on formula result sharing and storing. You can email a formula with all data to a colleague, you can print formulas (via AirPrint) or just copy all data to your clipboard and paste anywhere else. Additionally, the Pro version features an exclusive patient management system which allows you to save and retrieve formula results easily. Upon saving results, MedCalc remembers certain patient input like height, weight and a range of lab values. These values will be inserted on demand into subsequent formulas. You can also add notes and images to a patient for other uses.

Main features:
• Many different ways to share results (and data): copy to clipboard, email report, print via AirPrint, save to patient database...
• Exclusive patient management feature for saving and accessing results, as well as images and notes. Result history can be exported to the desktop as CSV files.
• A very large selection (more than 200) of relevant formulas, scores, scales and classifications
• Detailed information and bibliographic references for each formula
• Support for US and SI units, with easy switching from the keypad
• Custom overlaid controls: no sliding in and out to input values
• Search for equations by name or keywords
• Customizable list of favorite equations

A selection of included formulas, scores and classifications:
• 4T's HIT Score
• A-a O₂ Gradient and Ratio
• ABCD² Score
• ASA Classification
• ASIA Impairment Scale
• Abbreviated Mental Test
• Alvarado Score
• Angina Scale (CCS)
• Anion Gaps
• Ankle Brachial Pressure Index
• Aphasia Classification
• BATiC Score
• BISAP Score
• BODE Index
• Basal Energy Expenditure
• Bishop Score
• Body Mass Index
• Borg CR10 Scale
• Burn Area (rule of nines)
• CAP PIRO Score
• CHA₂DS₂-VASc Score
• CURB-65 Score
• Canadian C-Spine and CT Head Rule
• Cardiac Output
• Charlson Comorbidity
• Child-Pugh Classification
• Corrected Ca and Na
• Corticosteroids Equivalence
• Detsky (Modified) Index
• Disease Activity Scores
• Endotracheal Tube Size (Ped)
• Epworth Sleepiness Scale
• Eye Chart (Snellen)
• FOUR Coma Score
• Fisher Scale
• Fractional Excretion of Ca/Mg/Na/Urea
• Framingham CV Risk
• 6 different GFR calculators
• GOLD Classification
• GRACE Score
• Geneva Score for PE
• Glasgow Coma Scales
• HAS-BLED Score
• Harvey Bradshaw Index
• Heart Rate (EKG)
• Henderson-Hasselbalch
• In-Flight PaO₂ Estimation
• Infusion calculators
• Killip Classification
• Lee (Revised) Score
• Light's Criteria
• Lille Model
• MELD-Na Score
• Maintenance Fluid (children)
• Mallampati Classification
• Mannheim Peritonitis Index
• Modified Rankin Scale
• NIH Stroke Scale
• NYHA Functional Classification
• Number Needed To Treat
• Opioids Equivalence
• Osmolal Gaps
• Ottawa Knee Rule
• O₂ Transport Parameters
• PREP Score for PE
• Pediatric Trauma Score
• Pisa Model for PE
• Post-test Probabilities
• Pregnancy Wheel
• SIRS Criteria
• STOP BANG Screening Tool
• Serum-Ascites Albumin Gradient
• Spirometric Values
• Tidal Volume (ARDSnet)
• Transtubular K Gradient
• Two-Way Table
• Urine Output
• VAP PIRO Score
• WFNS SAH Grade
• Wells Scores

and more than 100 more, see our website for a complete list.

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