Nuance launches Dragon Mobile Assistant on Android for 4.0+ devices, iOS version coming soon


Despite their limited use cases, conversational personal assistants such as Siri are becoming more and more popular for smartphone users. Personal assistants rely on a wealth of transcription information, and one company that has excelled in this arena is Nuance, whose Dragon Speaking software is the de facto standard for voice transcription services on computers.…

Apple releases 4th-generation iPad


Apple unveiled the 4th generation iPad at their event in San Jose today. The iPad features an update to an A6X processor, which brings double the performance of the 3rd generation iPad, and maintains the 10 hour battery life. The camera has been updated, the WiFi has been enhanced, and it will feature the lightning…

iPad Mini caught on video ahead of launch


A video of the iPad Mini is making its way around the internet ahead of the official launch, set for a mere 10 minutes from now at Apple’s event in San Jose. The video comes courtesy of parts trader ETrade Supply, who was allegedly given a preview build/working prototype of the iPad Mini. The video…

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