Review: Zomm, Bluetooth done right


Zomm joins the growing list of multi-porpose Bluetooth accessories that solve more problems than the basic earpiece. The simple fact is millions of smartphones with built-in Bluetooth are shipping worldwide and so far, the majority of Bluetooth accessories have been earpieces that have arguably stopped innovating beyond decreasing in size. This trend is shifting toward…

Opinionaided Asks Which Apps Are Actually Popular After SXSW. Pundits Are Wrong.

opinionaided data

Opinionaided, recently reviewed on IntoMobile, decided to use its far-reaching user base to learn which social apps were considered popular  outside of the SXSW conference. According to these types of preliminary, vague, and inconclusive “reports,” Foursquare won the location battle (I say “battle” because the war is pretty much over) with Gowalla trailing in second,…

You Got An iPhone. Now What?

iphone 4 ornament

The gift-giving holidays have just wrapped up (no pun intended) and that means iPhone 4’s have been unwrapped all around the world this year. If this is your first iPhone, congratulations and welcome to the club (even though you are a bit late to the game). There are thousands of apps, customizations, and accessories to…

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