Review: Pacific Rim game for iOS

Pacific Rim header

Pacific Rim is a science fiction film that hits theaters Friday, July 12th. It takes place in the 2020s when monsters called Kaiju rose through portals in the sea and began attacking our civilization. To defend ourselves, humans created giant robots called Jaegars. Together with a heroic former pilot and trainee, the team must defend…

Apple’s iOS App Store turns five years old

App Store 5th birthday

Let’s all give a warm “happy birthday” to the Apple App Store, which turns five years old today. The store officially opened on July 10, 2008 through an iOS software update, a few months after Steve Jobs gave it a proper unveiling at the iPhone SDK keynote address. It started out with a mere 500…

iPhone 5S to include 120fps slow-motion camera?

iPhone 5 camera

An interesting bit of code was discovered inside the recent iOS 7 betas by 9to5Mac that suggests a new camera feature coming in the next-generation iPhone, rumored to be the iPhone 5S. The camera feature, codenamed Mogul, will allow for 120fps (frames per second) video recording. 120 fps captures so many frames per second so that…

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