Video Games Acquired by Smithsonian Art Museum


The Smithsonian institution made great strides for video games as a creative medium when it began its exhibition on the Art of Video Games last year. Like motion pictures before them, video games have had a rocky time being accepted as an art. In recent years a new crop of stylized indies have showcased just…

SIM+ Case Makes Your iPhone 5 into a Dual SIM Phone


International travelers have long dealt with the hassle of changing networks as they traverse the globe. Having separate phones, changing out SIM cards, or using some of the rare dual-SIM phones are all options. Now a sleek new iPhone case is in the works that could allow travelers to easily switch between SIMs and keep…

GTA San Andreas officially releases for iOS


Rockstar recently announced that the final GTA game of PS2/Xbox era, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would be coming to mobile devices. Today the game came out for modern iOS devices! Rockstar Games hit record sales with its latest Grand Theft Auto game, GTA V. The company also found mobile success porting its PS2-era titles Grand Theft Auto…

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