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Sprint acquires 100 percent ownership of Clearwire

Sprint announced today that it now owns all of Clearwire. According to the press release, Clearwire shareholders approved the merger in a special meeting of stockholders that was held July 8, 2013. The acquisition was first announced in December of 2012 and was waiting for approval by Clearwire. Now that Clearwire has agreed to the merger, Sprint…

Verizon Wireless eyeing Clearwire spectrum

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According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Verizon Wireless is negotiating a deal with Clearwire to lease its spectrum. Verizon allegedly offered Clearwire $1.5 billion to use some of Clearwire’s spectrum in larger markets. This offer was disclosed in Clearwire’s recent SEC filing, with insiders claiming that the bidder, “party J,” is Verizon…

FreedomPop now offering free home broadband plans

Earlier this week, Freedom Pop announced that it was adding a home broadband option to its lineup of available services. Like all FreedomPop plans, the home service runs on Clearwire’s WiMAX network. The new home plan includes 1GB of data for free each month and is tailor made for customers who only use the Internet…

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