T-Mobile To Unleash UnCarrier 4.0 Plans At CES


T-Mobile has been making waves with its UnCarrier strategy, and it doesn’t look like it has plans to stop anytime soon. Most recently, the company has begun to send out invitations for its latest announcement during CES this year. It looks like T-Mobile is readying another part of its strategy to make it even more appealing…

Moto X – What’s Your Take?


The Moto X was just announced, and with it brings a new level of customization to smartphones as we know it. Still, the handset is still a mid-range device that shares the same price tag as high-end smartphones today. Take a look at the Moto X’s specs below: 4.7 inch 1280 x 720 HD AMOLED…

Survey: Samsung Galaxy phones found easier to use than iPhone


Siegal+Gale released interesting research results that probably come as a bit of a surprise. After surveying 400 people about the simplicity of a Samsung Galaxy phone compared to that of an iPhone, the Samsung devices came out champions of simplicity over Apple’s smartphones. According to the survey results, Samsung’s main three advantages are high-tech features…

Android Dominates Global Smartphone Shipments in Q4 2012


With almost twice as many smartphones shipping in Q4 of 2012 than the previous year, it’s no surprise that Google’s Android OS has maintained its lead in the smartphone race. A new report from Strategy Analytics estimates that a total of 152.1 million smartphones operating on Android shipped in Q4 of 2012, making Android’s global…

Patent Infringement: A Brief History


In the spirit of litigious discovery following the recent ruling in the long and arduous Apple v. Samsung patent infringement case, IntoMobile has compiled a list of some of the most famous and historical cases of Patent Infringement, and the grueling world of patent law. Apple and Samsung have released their statements and gone their separate ways…

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