eBay has strong fourth quarter with mobile in mind

ebay has strong quarter thanks to mobile apps

The fourth quarter for eBay was pretty decent with $2.5 billion and the company’s mobile pushes are really starting to pay off. The company is really pushing its eBay app, as I’ve seen multiple buses in San Francisco advertising this with QR codes included. This appears to be paying off, as the company said the…

The Daily digital iPad newspaper to land next week

Apple, News Corp. to show off The Daily iPad digital newspaper next week

Apple and News Corp. are set to have an event Jan. 19 to introduce “The Daily,” a digital iPad newspaper that will have subscription services. The Wall Street Journal is bringing us the story through unnamed sources but it’s pretty much a given if they’re reporting it. First of all, Apple and the WSJ have…

Intel, Nvidia sign $1.5 billion licensing deal

Intel, Nvidia sign $1.5 billion licensing deal

Intel and Nvidia have announced a cross-licensing agreement worth up to $1.5 billion (going to Nvidia) and this will end the long-standing litigation between the two. The move comes as the two chip-makers are poised to clash even further in the mobile space. As for the $1.5 billion settlement, Intel was accused of engaging in…

Apple iPad magazines floundering

Apple iPad magazines floudering

When the Apple iPad was first introduced, many publishers thought this would be the next step or potential savior for magazines and newspapers but reports suggest that these apps are floundering without a clear subscription strategy. According to WWD, the Wired iPad app had a wildly successful debut with about 100,000 downloads but the recent…

Wall Street Journal launches Android tablet app

Wall Street Journal launches Android tablet app

The Wall Street Journal has just launched an Android app that is optimized for tablets only. That means you’ll be able to get the latest news on your fancy new Galaxy Tab. Like the app for the Apple iPad, the Wall Street Journal Android tablet app will give users access to the latest news and…

Samsung Windows Phone 7 phones can tether after all

Samsung Windows Phone 7 phones can tether after all

Well, it looks like Windows Phone 7 devices can tether after all but it only appears to work with Samsung smartphones and it does take a few jumping through hoops. We initially thought tethering would be supported in Windows Phone 7 but the carriers would determine if this is possible and how much extra it…

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