Nokia World 2011 photo tour

Nokia World 2011 photo tour

By now, you’ve seen the big news out of Nokia World and checked out our hands-on videos of the new Lumia line of Windows Phones, but what’s it like to actually be on the ground? In this photo tour, we hope to give you a taste of what it’s like here in London at Nokia…

Nokia Lumia 800 video walkthrough at Nokia World


We’ve already shown you our hands-on of the Lumia 800 but we also have some video of a Nokia representative showing it off. Along with the hyperboles you’d expect, he does a good job of showing off some of the new features in the company’s first Windows Phone smartphone. The Lumia 800 has pretty good…

Live: Nokia World 2011 – Enter the Windows Phones


The day has finally come and we’re just minutes away from officially seeing what Nokia plans to do with Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. We’re fairly confident on the devices we’ll see, but there are bound to be some surprises. Leaks suggest we’ll see at least three Nokia Windows Phone smartphones: the Lumia 710, 800…

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