New Zealand Woman Texts While Driving- In Her Sleep!


Texting while driving is a major problem the world over, one that’s spurred several public safety campaigns including Werner Herzog’s recent hard hitting documentary. Given the inherent danger of texting while driving, doing it while you’re also asleep can’t be very safe. Somehow a woman in New Zealand managed to drive for hours in her…

Is mHealth poised to explode? [Infographic]

Is mHealth poised to explode?

Float Mobile Learning prepared a neat infographic to show us the prospects of mHealth services. As you’re about to see, this industry is set for a rapid growth, with all parties looking to cut costs and increase efficiencies. Judging from the facts neatly summed up in the following chart, there’s money to be made by…

Are cell phones bad for your health? [Infographic]


We’ve been through the whole “does cell phone radiation harm us?” debate but an interesting infographic from Mezzmer asks if there are some more health concerns we should be worried about with these devices. Of course, Mezzmer sells eye glasses, so it’s in its best interest to promote that cell phones could damage your eyesight…

Sherry Turkle, once an advocate for technology and increased connectivity, says we need to tone it down


Sherry Turkle has been writing about people’s relationship with technology since she published her second book in 1984 called The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit. Her latest work, titled Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, was published in January of this year and people are still…

MIT researchers use iPhone to help detect cataracts


The Apple iPhone has had many uses in the medical industry, and it looks like it will continue to make advances in the field as MIT researchers have just developed a way for the smartphone to detect cataracts. The CATRA system, developed by the Camera Culture Media Lab at MIT, is an iPhone attachment that…

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