Video: Check Out This Awesome Portable Nintendo 64!


Retro console mods are the best thing ever, and a new one squeezes the awesome Nintendo 64 into a handheld device. The mod, created by Bungle Bungleman is quite easily one of the most professional looking console mods I’ve ever seen. The device looks like an actual Nintendo product, with the design resembling the N64 controller…

Internal Apple Slides: Growth Rates Slipping, Consumers Want Cheaper Devices With Larger Screens


Apple’s popularity is on the decline, and the company knows it. Internal documents from 2013 straight from the Cupertino company reveal that Apple is well aware of the company’s shortfalls. The slides were released as part of evidence in Apple’s ongoing patent battle with Samsung. Re/Code spotted the slides, which were submitted as evidence by…

Infographic: What’s Using All The Bandwidth? Porn, Obviously.


With internet usage at higher rates than ever before and mobile internet accessible devices release across the globe, humanity sure is using a lot of bandwidth. Most of it is spent watching cat videos (and *ahem porn) checking our Facebook pages and Instagramming pictures of our delicious meals. While the end-user (That’s you!) isn’t too…

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