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Hacker Bypasses Samsung Galaxy S5′s Fingerprint Scanner, Gains Access to PayPal

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is surely a device to behold, packing tons of features and a fingerprint scanner to facilitate security. While fingerprint scanners have been used in smartphones before, such as the iPhone 5S, the scanners may not be as secure as we think. Security Research Labs has used a pretty simple method of fingerprint spoofing to bypass the GS5′s fingerprint scanner, allowing him to not only sign in and control the device with a fake fingerprint but to utilize PayPal’s new app as well. The company was able to Read more

Ian Kersey

How to Install the Cortana Touting Windows Phone 8.1 Update on Your Device

Officially, Cortana won’t be making its way to Windows Phone handsets for a few months, but there is a way to install the new Windows Phone 8.1 update on your Windows Phone device at this very moment! The process isn’t too involved, and will take you just a few minutes to get the sassy Cortana on your device. Before we get started, there are a few things worth noting. Your Windows Phone device must be running Windows Phone 8 Update 2, and once you turn on the update, there’s no Read more

Ian Kersey

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hacks: How to Obtain Root, Enter Recovery and More!

Today is that big day all Samsung fans have been waiting for, the arrival of the Galaxy S5. As usual, Samsung threw in everything but the kitchen sink with this powerhouse. So now that you’ve got the GS5 in your hands, it’s time to get down to business, and once again XDA Developers are here to help. A guide on how to mod your GS5 was published on XDA today, which includes instructions on how to enter recovery mode and obtain root on certain carrier specific GS5 models. GS5 variants Read more

Ian Kersey

Nokia Unveils Lumia 635 Running Windows Phone 8.1, Coming to T-Mobile and MetroPCS This Summer

Nokia has announced the budget minded Nokia Lumia 635 at Microsoft’s Build developers conference this morning, promising a mid-range LTE compatible Windows Phone that touts the newest version of Microsoft’s mobile OS, WIndows Phone 8.1. The Lumia 635 will be available in five different color schemes and comes touting a special chip that will allow for fitness and movement tracking, the low-power SensorCore. That puts the Lumia 635 right up there with top-of the line Android handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 when it comes to fitness features. The Read more

Ian Kersey

Infographic: What’s Using All The Bandwidth? Porn, Obviously.

With internet usage at higher rates than ever before and mobile internet accessible devices release across the globe, humanity sure is using a lot of bandwidth. Most of it is spent watching cat videos (and *ahem porn) checking our Facebook pages and Instagramming pictures of our delicious meals. While the end-user (That’s you!) isn’t too concerned about bandwidth past not racking up an overage on their mobile plans, digging into just what most internet bandwidth is used for is worth at least a quick look. Check out the awesome infographic Read more

Ian Kersey

Goophone M8 Has Arrived, ‘All New’ HTC One Clone For Just $229

Well, that didn’t take long. Chinese smartphone manufacturer Goophone has released a pretty amazing knockoff of the upcoming ‘All New’ HTC One, which is set to be unveiled in a few short weeks on March 25th. Known as the Goophone M8, the Android powered smartphone looks exactly like the upcoming ‘All New’ HTC One, which has gone by the codename M8 for some time. But that’s where the similarities end. The Goophone M8 is a decidedly mid-range device, where the upcoming HTC One successor is primed to be a beast Read more

Ian Kersey