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Motorola Gallery App for Moto X, Moto G and 2013 DROID Handsets now on Google Play Store

Instead of just including Motorola app updates in system updates, Motorola has taken to the Google Play Store to distribute updates to its stock apps which appear on the Moto X, Moto G and the newest Droid devices. Motorola has added the Motorola Gallery app to the Play Store, allowing owners of the Moto X, Moto G and newer Droid handsets to download the app updates on their own. The update brings a new design with faster navigation, and larger thumbnails when viewing snapped photos. While the app is available Read more

Ian Kersey

Motorola working on a $50 smartphone?

Motorola doesn’t seem enthused with high-end market. Last year, it launched the rock-solid mid-ranger Moto X, followed by a low-to-mid end Moto G. Meanwhile, the Google-owned company is also working on a modular smartphone known as Project Ara, leaving the very top of the market for Nexus devices. Or at least that’s the way we see things. And apparently, the American handset maker is sharing this vision and is exploring way to launch even more affordable devices (than the Moto G). “In much of the world $179 is a lot Read more

Moto Migrate app makes migrating from iPhone to Motorola smartphone easy as 1-2-3

Thanks to the Moto Maker service, owners of other, non-Motorola made smartphones can easily switch devices. The service doesn’t just support Android phones — iCloud-to-Google data transfer is possible as well, allowing iPhone owners to beam their existing data to their shiny new Moto phone. And guess what? This capability is now available to just about any Moto user out there. The company launched the simple Moto Migrate app that will transfer data from iCloud to Google’s cloud with just a few taps. There is one small problem, though. While Read more

Grab Moto X’s New Wood for $25 on January 21st

More wood is arriving for the Moto X, and at a lower price as well. The wood options have dropped from $100 to $25, making the wooden Moto X a little cheaper, but just as fun. On January 21st, Motorola will whip out the ebony, teak and walnut Moto X options, which can be configured via MotoMaker. The bamboo Moto X is available today for just $25 as well. That price drop may make some of you feel a little used after paying $100 extra for Motorola’s wood before the Read more

Ian Kersey

AT&T Offering Free Moto X or LG G2 With New Contract Until January 31st

AT&T is now offering the Moto X and the LG G2 for free, from now until January 31st when signing a new two-year contract with the company. The LG G2 has been priced at $199 since its release late last year, and the Moto X received a price drop to $99 just a few months after its release. Both smartphones are top of the line Android handsets, with the LG G2 beating out the Moto X in terms of specs with its Snapdragon 800 processor. The Moto X however does Read more

Ian Kersey

Moto X coming to France, Germany and the UK on February 1st

As expected, Motorola announced that its Moto X is coming to select European countries, including France, Germany and the UK. The price of the unlocked unit is set at £380 or 399 Euros, though users in some markets will have to pay more — for instance, it will go for 429 Euros in France. Or they can get it for free (in all 3 markets) as long as they sign-up for a carrier contract. The sad thing though is that Europeans won’t be able to customize their Moto X handsets Read more

Motorola Updates Assist App, Brings Hands-Free SMS Reply to Moto X, DROID Ultra, Maxx and Mini

Thanks to an update in the Motorola Assist app, owners of the Motorola Moto X or newest DROID phones will be able to text hands free. Users can now respond to text messages while on the go, instead of using the “Ok Google Now” voice command to initiate and send a response. That’s not all Motorola has packed into the update. The company also updated and improved its Motorola Contextual Services, which runs the show for most of Motorola’s apps. The updates bring improvements to Bluetooth, which make drive mode Read more

Ian Kersey

Moto G Google Play Edition Now Available For $179.99

The Motorola Moto G Google Play Edition is now available through the Google Play Store. That’s right, the phone no one asked for Moto G GPE can now be yours for only $179.99. Available in 8GB and 16GB versions, the latter running for $199, the Moto G Google Play Edition is a decent device at an incredibly low price. The Moto G was also made available online for Boost Mobile today, making it a good day in Moto G world. While hardly up to snuff with a majority of Android handsets Read more

Motorola Moto G Now Available On Boost Mobile For $129.99

The Motorola Moto G just found a new home on Boost Mobile. Starting today, Boost Mobile customers can grab the Moto G for only $129.99 online. The Moto G will be available in-store at select Boost Mobile retail locations on January 20th. While the Moto G isn’t the most powerful smartphone in Android land, it’s definitely a solid handset. Shipping with a 4.5 inch 720p HD display, 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, 5 megapixel camera, and replaceable back plates, the Moto G has a lot Read more

ZTE Unveils Eco-Mobius Modular Smartphone; Will it Best Motorola’s Project Ara?

ZTE has unveiled a modular smartphone concept of its own, just a few months after Motorola announced Project Ara, a smartphone that with modules which can be swapped out in lieu of buying a brand new smartphone. The idea has taken hold with ZTE, who could have very well been developing the Eco Mobius before they ever even heard of Project Ara. Whatever the case, ZTE unveiled the Eco Mobius at CES 2014, and it looks stunning. The ZTE Eco Mobius is divided into four parts, or modules, which can Read more

Ian Kersey

Buy A Moto X Off-Contract From Motorola and Get a Free Chromecast

If dropping the price of the Moto X off-contract wasn’t enough to entice you into purchasing a Moto X, Motorola has just sweetened the pot. Motorola is offering a free Chromecast streaming dongle with the purchase of a 16GB or 32GB Moto X off-contract. To take advantage of Motorola’s sweet deal, simply enter the promo code “STREAM” when checking out after you’ve designed your Moto X. The 16GB Moto X will run you $399, and the 32GB $449. That’s off-contract mind you, which could end up saving you bundles of Read more

Ian Kersey