NVIDIA Tegra 4 Benchmarks Lay Waste to Competition


At MWC in Barcelona, NVIDIA released some new benchmarks for their Tegra 4 family of processors,which are promising to bring some extreme improvements to the way smartphone and tablet processors function. So far, according to the benchmarks, the Tegra 4 is blowing away the competition. The processors are not on the market yet, but exist…

NVIDIA details how Project Shield came to life


Not only was NVIDIA’s Project Shield gaming device probably my favorite announcement to come out of CES this year, it’s a device that I’ve considered buying a dedicated gaming tower for, just to use it. I can’t say that for many things, but if you’re a gamer, the NVIDIA Project Shield has likely been on…

NVIDIA Tegra 4 means more than just power

Tegra 4 - Chip Shot (Low Resolution)

While we’ve yet to see the NVIDIA Tegra 4 in an actual smartphone or tablet just yet, it’s easy to see that the company is focused on more than sheer processing power. Not only is NVIDIA playing to its strengths in the gaming world with the Tegra 4-powered Project Shield, but it’s also coming up…

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