HTC Eye “selfie phone” coming to AT&T

HTC Eye selfie phone coming to AT&T

AT&T will be adding a new “selfie phone” to its portfolio in the near future, EVleaks is saying. Dubbed HTC Eye, this up-and-coming device will obviously have a rock-solid front-facing camera, allowing users to take awesome photos of themselves when they fancy so. Currently only few HTC phones have powerful front-facing cameras — including the…

Xiaomi moves 50,000 MiPad tablets in 4 minutes

Xiaomi MiPad

That’s actually 3 minutes and 59 seconds, but you get the point – people love Xiaomi’s gear. And 50,000 tablets isn’t exactly a big number in China, the world’s biggest smartphone market. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive figure for Xiaomi’s first tablet and we’re sure the next batch of devices will be moved in just a…

Apple looking into ways to change iPhone’s security level and UI settings based on user’s location

Apple looking into ways to change iPhone's security level and UI settings based on user's location

Apple has recently filed for a patent that would enable changing of iPhone’s security level and UI based on user’s location. Titled “Location-sensitive security levels and setting profiles based on detected location,” the patent explains how different use cases would prompt additional security measures on the iPhone. For instance, when you’re at home and connected…

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