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Samsung working on its own GPUs to cut licensing costs

Samsung Exynos

Samsung is one of very few vendors to its their own chips. Other companies that do this include Apple and Huawei, with LG and ZTE also working on that. Up until recently, the Exynos series didn’t integrate modems, prompting the Korean giant to buy gear from Qualcomm for its high-end models. Things are changing now…

Goat Simulator Licks its way to iOS and Android


Watch out iOS and Android users, a very rambunctious goat could be covering your device in slobbery goodness very soon. The surprise PC hit game Goat Simulator is now available on iOS and Android devices today, a full day before the game’s scheduled launch on mobile devices. Goat Simulator began as a joke, but no…

Samsung Gear S gets special Diesel Black Gold edition

Samsung Gear S Diesel

Samsung wants its devices to be synonymous with fancy things. So they’ve already teamed-up with Swarovski over a special version of the Gear S smart watch (and many other phones for that matter). Like that’s not enough, now they’re “going to bad” with Diesel to launch the Gear S Diesel Black Gold edition. Said device…

Pink Galaxy Note 4 coming too

Pink Galaxy Note 4

You may’ve missed it, but it’s coming soon, joining its black, white and gold “brothers.” I’m talking about the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which pink variant could emerge as one of the top phones for the upcoming Christmas holiday season. Aside from a different paint job, this remains the same Note 4 under…

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