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Canada’s Bell now offers Sonim XP5520 BOLT

Canada's Bell now offers Sonim XP5520 BOLT

If you or someone from your company need a real tough push-to-talk phone and you also happen to live or work in Canada, check out Bell’s latest device – Sonim XP5520 BOLT. As you may’ve heard before, this is one of the toughest phones in the world. In fact, the XP5520 BOLT is built on…

Sonim’s XP2 clears the FCC

Sonim XP2, one of the world’s toughest phones, has cleared the FCC recently. We have no clue when it will hit the market, but we see it comes with a 3G radio, though it’s unclear what exactly can you do with such a small screen. Maybe get some weather forecast info, which can come quite…

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